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iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak. Where does it stand? The possibilities.

Its always been a cat and mouse chase between Apple and the Jailbreak community,Recently,Luca Todesco has proven himself to be one skillful hacker with the necessary skills and abilities, but releasing a jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1-10.2 and iOS 10.2.1-10.3.x will be an entirely different challenge, especially given that iOS 10.3.x introduces Apple’s new File System APFS. There’s then also the fact that Todesco himself has already said that he will stop working on all public iOS research work after 10.2 jailbreak.

Recently,PANGU team demoed an ios 10.3.1 jailbreak,which was rumored to be released after Apple releases iOS 10.3.2 because they didn't want Apple to patch the vulnerability used for this jailbreak.
It's been a week since Apple released the iOS 10.3.2 and still there is NO sign of such jailbreak! This puts in a lot of questions. Is pangu working with apple? Was it just a hoax made by Apple to force all users to update to iOS 10.3.1?

Heres some info about the demoed jailbreak by PANGUTEAM:

Images have surfaced on Chinese blogging site Weibo which appear to show a working jailbreak for Apple’s current firmware, iOS 10.3.1. Whilst details are extremely thin on the ground at present, they appear to be genuine and are an encouraging sight for jailbreakers everywhere.
Remember: Demonstrating a jailbreak is not the same as committing to release a jailbreak. Many tools use exploits the teams wish to keep for research purposes. Jailbreaks are sometimes demonstrated with no intention of release.
The first thing to say is that these images are not fully verified, nor were they posted by Pangu themselves. For that reason, maintain a healthy scepticism for the time being. Having said that, the three images appear to have been posted to the Weibo account of one Min Zheng, who is known to be heavily involved in iOS security, and with jailbreaking.
If the Weibo account is his, which it appears to be, then I would consider him a trustworthy source of information, and the sort of person who would be present at conferences of this kind in which mobile security tools and jailbreaks are demoed.

The conference, which is taking place in the Mercedes Benz Arena, on Expo Avenue in Shanghai, appears to be called Janus. The image below shows the attendee’s ticket, in front of the venue:

The event seems however to be private and not publicly ticketed, as the Mercedes Benz Arena website and ticketing site Damai do not seem to list any such event, held in The Mixing Room, on this date.
Further details about the jailbreak are scarce; we know however that it does support the iPhone 7, which is nice news for flagship device owners who were only partially supported by Yalu1011.
It has been rumoured that the jailbreak supports only 10.3-10.3.1, not lower firmwares such as iOS 10.2.1 and 10.2, but this is not confirmed. Similarly, whilst it reportedly supports all 64-bit devices (implying not 32-bit) this is also unknown for sure at present. No facts were given by Zheng, only the three images. All the other alleged details were reported by an unknown Twitter user, not Zheng or Pangu. Certainly, the only thing Zheng’s image shows for certain is that it runs on the iPhone 7 on iOS 10.3.1.
The most tenuous, but most exciting piece of news is the following, which was posted by the unknown Twitter user mentioned above. It appeared that they were also attending the event, but this may not actually be the case, so be careful about trusting their pronouncements:
正在和pp助手公司谈合作。如果谈妥,一周之内发布10.3-10.3.1 jailbreak
The translation is roughly as follows:
We are working with PP Assistant company. If agreed, within a week released 10.3-10.3.1 jailbreak.
Please remember, this could be a lie or a mistake, I include it only in the interest of full information.
So thats about the demoed jailbreak. Now let us see the case of Adam Donenfeld, the security researcher who has been credited for 8 exploits that were fixed in iOS 10.3.2.
Donenfeld has revealed his plans to revel futher more exploits in iOS 10.3.1.This seems to have sparked off rumors that he is planning to release the long-awaited iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak. We’re assuming he is referring to the following exploit mentioned in the security content of iOS 10.3.2:
Available for: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, and iPod touch 6th generation
Impact: An application may be able to gain kernel privileges
Description: A race condition was addressed through improved locking.
CVE-2017-6979: Adam Donenfeld (@doadam) of the Zimperium zLabs Team

The speculations started when Donnefeld mentioned that 8 kernel exploits that were fixed by Apple in iOS 10.3.2 will be revealed at the HITB GSEC security conference in Singapore, and recommended jailbreakers to save the SHSH blobs.
 fixed 8 kernel privilege escalation bugs I sent them.
A privilege escalation exploit is already written (1/2)
 fixed 8 kernel privilege escalation bugs I sent them.
A privilege escalation exploit is already written (1/2)
It will be released during conferences’ season in the summer. You may want to save SHSH blobs :)  (2/2)
However, he has clarified that he didn’t say he will be releasing a jailbreak but added that he was happy to help someone who is interested in developing a jailbreak.
I never said anything about jailbreak. I'm releasing an exploit (source code + instructions). (1/2)
I never said anything about jailbreak. I'm releasing an exploit (source code + instructions). (1/2)
If someone wants to take the hassle of wrapping it into a jailbreak I’d be happy to help. (2/2)
The HITB GSEC conference will be held from August 21 – August 25, so it will be another long wait if Donenfeld plans to reveal the exploits at the security conference. Unless he can share the details of the exploits immediately, which seems unlikely.
I think our best bet is still the Pangu team, who had demoed a working iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak at a tech conference last month. Though even they are yet to officially provide any update about the jailbreak.
If you’re waiting for the jailbreak then it is recommended to avoid upgrading to iOS 10.3.2. If you’ve already upgraded to iOS 10.3.2, then check out our guide on how to downgrade iOS 10.3.2 to iOS 10.3.1 as it means that it will be even more difficult to jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 as Apple has patched the security vulnerability in iOS 10.3.2.

At the end of the day 10.3.1 might not be THAT bad: We know:
  • Pangu's Jailbreak Demo (might get released, if it does, we know that's gonna be hella stable), so we know it is a jailbreak-able firmware version.
  • Adam's exploit: Compatible with iOS 10.3.1, allows downgrades to any version if you have SHSH2 blobs even iOS 10.2. Might also be used by someone to build a Jailbreak (I doubt tho).
  • Pangu's Demo shows clearly iOS 10.3.1 (HERE: http://wx2.sinaimg.cn/mw690/86280673gy1feyx44wvusj20zk0qon17.jpg), so I am a bit skeptical of iOS 10.2.1 tbh.
  • iPhone 7 users are way better of on iOS 10.3.1, iOS 10.3 or iOS 10.2. I don't know what to say about iOS 10.2.1.
  • iOS 10.2.1 hasn't been signed in a very long while, if something was to happen on iOS 10.2.1, I guess it would have happened already considering that according to Luca, his KPP bypass for iOS 10.2 might be compatible with 10.2.1.
So if you're on iOS 10.3.1, DON'T update to iOS 10.3.2 If you're on iOS 10.2.1, I don't know what to recommend. The community agrees iOS 10.3.1 looks viable as hell due to Pangu's demo (so we are 100% it is jailbreakable with the existing vulnerabilities in it), and Adam's exploit for downgrades. Adam did not mention anything about iOS 10.2.1 being compatible, he said his exploit is compatible with iOS 10.3.1 and iOS 10.2, so you might miss the chance of downgrading back to 10.2 if you have blobs.
VERY hard decision. Unfortunately you'll have to take the risk. There is no safe path. Luca hasn't confirmed that his KPP bypass works on iOS 10.2.1 as well, it was just a supposition driven by the fact that iOS 10.2.1 came shortly after 10.2, that doesn't mean it is 100% confirmed, so pay attention how you read that. Basically if that is not correct and we remain on iOS 10.2.1, we lose the ability to: Use whatever Pangu releases for iOS 10.3 to 10.3.1 (if they do at some point), downgrade to any version we have blobs for using Adam's exploit. On the other hand, if the KPP bypass does prove usable on iOS 10.2.1 but not on 10.3.1, you will lose a possible update to yalu(?) but not the ability to downgrade or to use anything Pangu will release (if they do).
And even if the KPP bypass proves to be usable on iOS 10.2.1, iOS 10.2.1 was released in January, who is going to build a Jailbreak around the KPP bypass of a firmware version unsigned since March? We can't have devs building for iOS 10.3.1 but we'll have them focused on building for an old unsigned firmware? That makes me skeptical, but that's just MY opinion which might be wrong.
TL;DR: If on iPhone 7, stay on iOS 10.2 or iOS 10.3.1. If on other device (x64) Luca hints of possible KPP bypass for iOS 10.2 compatibility with iOS 10.2.1 (was not yet tested, just a supposition). Both versions (iOS 10.3.1 and 10.2.1) seem now safe, in reality, neither of them have anything 100% stable.
INSHORT: If you are in iOS 10.2.1,Stay there as Luca advised. If you have already updated to iOS 10.3.1,You are not in a bad situation either,Since we have a proof that Pangu team was able to Jailbreak it (Which may or may not be release to the public).
Users on iOS 10.3.2 are advised to roll back to 10.3.1 immediately.
I recommend to think thrice before doing any action. There is no way back. You can keep an eye on the TSS (signing) status here: https://ipsw.me

Get rid of Windows 10 Updates forever

Windows Updates can be very annoying.
First, let us take a look why people may want to turn off Windows updates.
With Windows 8.1 and earlier versions, we had Windows Update giving us options to:
  1. Install updates automatically (Recommended)
  2. Download Updates but choose when to install them
  3. Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them
  4. Never check for updates (Not Recommended)
These options provided a way to defer updates until we had enough time to download and install them or to have them downloaded automatically and then install them at a time we wish. 

Microsoft has explained that it will provide updates in two distinct methods for its two distinct types of clients.
First are the home users who will not have the option to defer upgrades. The updates will download and install even if they are working on something, making the computer slow in some cases. The PC however would restart only if you are not doing anything or it would restart at the scheduled time, if you have etone. Where a reboot would be required, the user might have to save his or her work and then reboot before going back to the work he or she was doing. Of course, Windows 10 will let you defer restart, but that is not enough because a download in background might slow down your browsing in some cases.
The other ring of users are the enterprise users who will have the option to delay updates, so that they can hold it to the time when they are free. Microsoft said it will push updates to such users less frequently, so that they are faced with a minimum down time. These are the corporates and real-time users such as hospitals and ATMs etc.
Coming back to Home users and Professional users, there is not even the option to delay the updates. They will be downloaded as soon as they are available. Availability of Windows Updates for normal users means that the updates have already been tested by Windows Insiders. If you are a Windows Insider, running Windows 10 Home or Pro, you will be in first priority to receive updates. After few days of you testing the updates and if it doesn’t pose any problems, it will be released to the normal ring of users.
Thus, you are stuck. Windows 10 will keep on downloading updates as soon as they are available and will occupy your computer resources, when you may not want it too. Some of us will want to keep the automatic downloads to be stopped so that we can install the updates manually when free – when we are not working on something urgent. That is to say, some users would want the liberty and option to download and install updates when they want and not when Microsoft provides it.

We won't make you wait again,Now lets move on to the procedure for blocking windows update!
  • Goto :Control Panel > Administrative Tools, you can access Services
  • In the Services window, scroll down to Windows Update and turn off the process. To turn it off, right-click on the process, click on Properties and select Disabled. That will take care of Windows Updates not being installed on your machine.

Bonus: If you are already see 'Install Updates and Shutdown' on your shutdown menu, You can delete these downloaded updates by following the steps below:
  • Go to This PC and open the partition you have your Windows installed on (it’s usually C:)
  • Go to Windows folder
  • In Widows folder, ind folder named Softwaredistribution and open it
  • Open sub-folder Download and delete everything from it (you might need an administrator permission)

How to remove 'Recent Files' from Windows Explorer. (Win10)

It's been a long since i have posted some post-One new tweak or a small tip for users who would like to hide the 'Recent files' from windows explorer.
Microsoft recently released Windows 10. Alongside a lot of new major features, the OS update also includes a couple of tiny improvements. One of the latest addition that comes with Windows 10 is the Recent Files section on the File Explorer. While some may like this feature as it helps them quickly access their recent files, some may not like it because it could clutter their File Explorer. If you’re one of those folks who don’t like the Recent Files section in Windows 10, here’s how to remove it:
  • Open File Explorer
  • Go to the View section from the top bar
  • Click on Options
  • Look for the “Open File Explorer to” dropdown
  • Click on the drop-down and change “Quick Access” to “This PC” and click on OK
  • After that, close File Explorer and reopen it to see the change in action.
Thats all! You peeps are good to go! :D

iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak-The complete solution.

Hello lads! As we all noticed The jailbreaking solution for iOS 9.3.x was released couple of days ago.
There are few things to take care of and also know If you are deciding to jailbreak their devices.
1.Only for 64 bit devices.(Starting from iPhone 5s)
2.It's a semi-tethered jailbreak,Meaning that you will have to hit 'jailbreak' button everytime you restart your device.(Will take only 5-8sec only.)
3.When jailbreak is done,You will be issued with a certificate for 7 days,Which will expire after 7 days obviously,So you will have to jailbreak again using PC.But,fortunately we have found out a method to make these certificates(profile) last for a year so that Peeps out there don't have to worry about jailbreaking their devices every week. :)

So,Lets get started.

Download-IPA File
Size:10.45 MB / Version:1.0 / MD5:fe77f02db26b9d3d142ee1f343a6fdbb / SHA1:ab334937cd7bb7077eac25b223bd3784e8dcd7b7
1. Pangu jailbreak IPA file NvwaStone_1.0.ipa available at http://pangu.io .
2. Cydia impactor available at http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/ .
(Special Note: This tool, developed by Saurik, is used to sign the ipa file so that Pangu jailbreak tool can be executed on iOS devices. Cydia impactors does not collect your apple id and password. All the information is only used for applying a personal free certificate from Apple.)
3. A computer (Cydia impactor runs on all major OSes, including Windows, OS X, and Linux)
4. A valid Apple ID. (In case that you do not want to use your current Apple ID to apply the personal certificate for any reason, we suggest you apply a new Apple ID and use it)
1. An Apple ID can only apply for a certificate for a limited number of devices.
2. The certificate will expire in 7 days. If your certificate gets expired, you need to follow the guide to install the jailbreak IPA again.
To Apple Developers:
If you have enrolled the Apple developer membership, signing the IPA file with your own developer certification is a better choice (i.e., Pangu jailbreak app will get expired in 1 year, rather than 7 days).
Jailbreak guide:
1. Unzip the Cydia impactor file and run it.
2. Connect your iOS device to your computer and trust the computer on your iOS device.
3. Drag NvwaStone_1.0.ipa into Cydia impactor app.

4. Click OK button to continue.

5. Input you email address( it’s your apple id)

6. Input your apple ID password.

7. Cydia impactor will automatically prepare everything based on your inputs and sign the IPA file. If everything is OK, the IPA file should be installed in your iOS device correctly. If you get error notifications, you probably input incorrect Apple ID or password.
8. On your device, Tap Settings > General > Device Management. You then see a profile for the developer under your “apple ID” heading. Tap the profile to establish trust for this developer. (An Internet connection is required to verify the app developer's certificate when establishing trust.)
9. On your device, find Pangu App and run it.
10. Click the "start" button to jailbreak your device.


How to get the 1-year enterprise certificate

If you’re ready to arm your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device with an enterprise certificate that will last a full 365 days, then you’ll need to follow the steps below:
1) On your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device, Delete the current jailbreak app by entering ‘jiggle’ mode and tapping the X on the icon.
Delete the current jailbreak app iOS 9.3.3
2) After the app has been deleted, you want to reboot your device to enter ‘no jailbreak mode’:
iOS Slide to Power Off
3) Once you turn it back on, enable Airplane Mode from Control Center by tapping on the Airplane Mode toggle button:
Turn on Airplane Mode
4) Next, plug your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device into your Windows computer with a MFi-certified Lightning cable.
5) Download iFunbox on your computer, and also download this IPA file that was bundled with the original Chinese jailbreak tool.
6) Right click on the iFunbox installer and choose Run as Administrator.
iFunbox Run As Administrator
7) When prompted to allow the installer to run, click on the Yes button.
Allow iFunbox on your PC
8) Now choose English from the language list and click the OK button:
English then OK
9) When the installer opens, click on the Next button.
iFunbox Installer Next
10) Now, choose I accept the agreement and then click the Next button again.
Accept Agreement iFunbox Next
11) Click Next again when it designates the default installation path:
iFunbox Install Path Next
12) And once again, click Next after leaving the Start Menu folder alone:
Start Menu Folder iFunbox Next
13) Now click on the Install button that appears:
iFunbox Install
14) After all those next buttons, the iFunbox app will finally start installing on your computer. Just be patient:
iFunbox Installing Progress Bar
15) You will now be prompted to Run iFunbox (make sure to check the box if it’s not already), and then click on the Finish button.
Finish iFunbox Installation and Run the App
16) The iFunbox app will now open on your computer. Make sure to open the Manage App Data tab, and then click on the Install App (*.ipa) button.
iFunbox Install App IPA
17) Select the IPA file you downloaded earlier, and then click on the Save button.
Select IPA File and Save
18) iFunbox will now begin installing the jailbreak app on your device:
iFunbox Installing Pangu IPA
19) When you see this screen, it’s finished:
Pangu App All Done iFunbox
20) Now if you look on your iOS device’s Home screen, you should see the PP/Pangu jailbreak app:
PP Pangu Jailbreak App Home Screen
Note: All of our old jailbreak tweaks and apps are still on the device. They will continue to work after we finish this tutorial.
21) You can now disable Airplane Mode via Control Center.
22) Open the Settings app and navigate to General > Device Management.
Trust Beijing Enterprise Certificate iOS 9.3.3
23) Tap on the Beijing enterprise certificate, and then tap on the blue Trust button.
24) In the pop-up that appears, tap on the red Trust button. The enterprise certificate is now trusted on your device.
Note: Now that the enterprise certificate is installed and trusted on your device, all that’s left to do is boot your semi-untethered jailbreak into a jailbroken state.
25) Next, go to your Home screen and tap on the PP/Pangu jailbreak app to open it.
Launch PP app Home Screen
26) When prompted to enable Push notifications, tap on the blue OK button.
PP Pangu App Notifications
27) Tap on the circle in the app, and it will turn into text.
PP Pangu app tap on circle
28) Press the sleep button on your device to lock it. Shortly after, you should see a storage full notification, and a notification from the jailbreak app.
Cydia Installing Push Notification
29) Continue to wait, and your device should respring. When it does, you can launch Cydia from your Home screen again:
Cydia iOS 9.3.3 iPad mini 2 Pangu
Congratulations! You’ve just installed the 365-day enterprise certificate on your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 device.
You are good to go now.Thanks for reading the post :)
Here are some great and handy jailbreak tweaks:
Activator,Battery life,Bio protect,Initialized,Instand touchID,Linktunes,Speed intensifier,Zeppelin.