Make your Firefox look Powerful & Geeky

Hello friends, as we all know Firefox is the most common and popular browser used by thousands of bloggers, not only bloggers just each and every person is using it, the compatibility, flexibility this browser has no other browser owns that. So today I’m gonna share some cool Firefox Themes the sorted and cool ones although not actually themes it’s add-ons.
2 Best Firefox Themes
1. SmallringFX DARKBlue
Consider it Firefox 5 ... ?
Consider it Firefox 5 ... ?
One of the best and coolest Firefox theme , this one is the must. This is the one which i am using right now, very extreme, simple & dark , the best for those who don’t like those ugly colours :D . So go now and get it here  .
2. MidnightFoxy
MidNight Surfer ... ?
MidNight Surfer ... ?
Just a cool theme , twisted with a blend of mac & with just awesome and cool interface, a dark one with midnight atmosphere :D go get it here .



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