How to Use Multiple Google Account in Chrome

Google has infiltrated into our digital lives so much. It is almost difficult to think anything without Google. We are dependent on the Google for finding information on the internet as well as using its many products like Gmail, Calendar, Buzz, Reader, etc.
Most of the products didn’t allow multiple logins thus today we will tell you a lesser known feature of Google Chrome web browser. This is called as incognito mode. This mode is similar to InPrivate browsing mode of Internet Explorer. When you open a new incognito window then all the cookies from the standard session are not saved and you can open your other Google account. The shortcut to open this mode is Ctrl+Shift+N.(Incognito)
multiple gmail account
More details about this mode can be obtained from the help center of Chrome. It describes this mode as the mode in which all your browsing history and downloads will not be tracked. A simple blank cookie will be generated at the start of the session and it will be destroyed at the end of your incognito session. 
In this way you can log into more than one Google accounts one in the standard mode and other in the incognito mode.



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