Firefox 4 tentatively scheduled for a February release

After its fair share of delays, Firefox 4 looks set for a late-February release. Posting on the Mozilla Planning mailing list, the Director of Platform Engineering, Damon Sicore, thanked Firefox 4's "tired and stressed" developers, and urged them to hang on, to produce one last burst of awesomeness and "ship the best possible product."

There are now 160 hard blockers (serious bugs) left in Firefox 4, all of which need to be squashed before a release candidate can be released. Previous releases of Firefox have squashed about 100 hard blockers in six weeks, so February release is definitely going to be tight -- but here's hoping!

If you want to do your bit, and you're not a programmer, the best thing you can do is grab the latest version of Firefox 4 and take part in the test pilot studies. The latest beta of Firefox 4 really is quite good -- and if, by chance, you stumble across a bug, report it



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