Tablets won't eat into notebook market

CES 2011: At least not this year
In 2011 tablets won't eat much of the notebook market, at least that is what Nvidia believes. CEA, the people behind CES believe that 17 million people have bought a tablet in 2010. Everyone else believes that 2011 will be a year of tablets and everyone expects a big boom and much higher tablet sales in 2011.
Nvidia's notebook business general manager Rene Haas believes that tablets are not going to eat much into notebook sales. Nvidia believes that tablets are after the netbook market, but actually no one really knows the real answer to this.
In 2011 tablets should coexist with notebooks as many people who already have PCs and netbooks plan to buy tablets in 2011 and later. Tablets are mainly used for web browsing, emailing and reading, and games are yet to happen. The games starting to look good, but they are still not the game changer, at least not today.
The general feeling is that notebooks won't suffer much from tablet market, but again, in 2012 this might be a different story altogether. Mind you, hybrid tablet designs are already starting to appear and they could pose a threat to some niche notebook markets, such as ultraportables, not to mention netbooks.
In a sense a tablet is merely a laptop without a keyboard, and almost all vendors realise that. So, Dell and Lenovo want to merge tablets and notebooks. All in all, there will be an interesting year in the mobile world.Fudzilla



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