Google:India has the third most internet users in the world!
According to Google India, India has the third most internet users in the world, with 100 million people surfing the information highway. China reigns supreme with 300 million users, with the US falling in between with 207 million users.
Apparently, more than a third of that nice round number is made up by 40 million mobile internet users, a fact that puts India’s growth potential in perspective – seeing as that is just 8% of the total mobile phone subscriber base in the country.
Google India’s Vinay Goel commented on the trend, “Our estimate is that by 2012, the number of mobile internet users will surpass those entering the net via their laptops or desktops. The number of mobile internet surfers in India is growing rapidly. In 2007, the country had only two million such users. Now the number has gone up 20 times.”
Interestingly, Google’s Goel also pointed out that a majority of the internet users in the country searched for and downloaded music



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