No Waiting For Free Users in Rapidshare!

RapidShare is a free unlimited file hosting service. If you are not a RapidShare Premium member, you will need to wait 45 seconds before you can start downloading the file. Wait no more! It is easy to crack the RapidShare wait time limit!
Cool trick right??

Crack RapidShare Wait LimitLoad the RapidShare download link.Scroll to bottom of the page, click on the “Free” button.The download page will load. Scroll to the bottom of the page again, you will get a download waiting time countdown.Instead of waiting for it, paste “javascript:alert(c=0)” into your web browser’s address bar, and press “Enter”.Then, you will get a dialog like the following, press the “OK” button.You are done! You can start downloading immediately!Tips: You can use “javascript:var c=0;” to skip the dialog but still get the same result.



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