Transcend launches 8GB and 4GB aXeRAM dual-channel DDR3 2000MHz memory kits in India
Transcend has announced the availability of 4GB and 8GB aXeRAM Extreme Performance DDR3 memory kits in India, offering high-capacity and high-clock speeds (2000MHz) at super-low voltages (1.6V).
The 8GB and 4GB aXeRAM DDR3-2000 dual-channel memory kits complete Transcend’s high-performance RAM portfolio in India, alongside the 6GB DDR3-2000 triple-channel kit, and the ultra-fast 4GB DDR3-2400 dual channel kit, which are all certified for use on Intel P55 or X58-based motherboards.
The aXeRAM modules are Transcend’s “Overclocking Memory” range (while JetRAM is “Value Memory”), and all of them have high quality finned heat sinks and are backed by Transcend’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, assuring users reliability even under strain. The dual-channel 2000MHz kits have timings of: 9-11-9-24, while the 2400MHz dual-channel kit has timings of 9-11-9-28.
Transcend’s aXeRAM Extreme Performance DDR3 memory is meant for “hardcore gamers, overclockers and professional users”, as well as for such memory-intensive applications as large databases and virtual server farms. Find the India prices of the aXeRAM memory kits below:
TX2000KLN-8GK – 8GB – Rs. 12,870
TX2000KLU-6GK – 6GB – Rs. 11,110
TX2000KLU-4GK – 4GB – Rs. 7,430
TX2400KLU-4GK – 4GB – Rs. 8,580



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