Tips On how to save Your Printer Ink Catridge

Buying a printer is a one time cost but ink cartridges are needed to be bought on a regular basis. If you consume your ink cartridges wisely you can save lots of ink, will make your cartridge last longer and you will get more value for the money spent. Last year I shared to you an article on how you can increase your printer’s lifespanand tips on how to keep your printers clean, this time I will share to you on how you can gain extra life to your printer ink cartridges.
Print what is only necessary
When we are doing some printouts most of the time we end up making unnecessary printouts and in the process we waste some precious ink. Let’s say, you just need to print only a small portion of a web page, Instead of  printing the whole page complete with its heavy graphics etc, be specific on what you need and print only that portion.
Remember, text always consumes less ink compared to graphics or images. If the textual information is all that you need then make sure that you don’t print the graphics. If it is a web page you need to save in a printed form, check for its print version. If there is no print version, you can copy and paste the text in a word document or a notepad or wordpad or any text any text editor and take a printout of that.
Do a print preview
Most branded printers such as HP, Canon, Dell, Epson or any other printer come with a printer driver which has a very useful print preview function. With this function, you can have a prior preview of the copy you want to take a print out of.
This function is especially handy when you are directly taking the print out from the Internet. At times, what you see on a site is totally different as compared to the printed version. A quick preview can help to get the printout of the material that you specifically want.
Turn off your printer properly
The same as you switch off your computer without properly shutting it down also applies to your printer. If you don’t shutdown your printer properly, the print heads will remain directly exposed to air causing the ink to dry in the nozzles which, in turn, could affect the quality of printing adversely. Always check the position of your printer print heads before turning off it’s power.
Use ink saving software
There are numerous ink saving software available online. These applications can help to reduce the consumption of your printer ink. Using these tools can give you good quality printouts but less ink consumption even during high resolution printing.
Use printer ink cartridges smartly
If you don’t print regularly,it is important to run a small printing test at least once a week. It’s purpose is to avoid the ink cartridges from drying up. This little precaution will help you to increase the life of the cartridge.
Never expose your printer to extreme temperatures
Too much variation in room temperature is bad for your printer ink cartridges. Avoid storing your printer in too hot or too cold a temperature as the cartridges can dry up. To make your printer cartridges last longer, make sure the room has a normal and stable temperature.
Following these small but important tips, your printer ink cartridges will get a longer life.



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