Nokia X3 Review.

This phones comes under the Nokia X-series mobile phones, this mobile phone from Nokia has been given a stunning look. Its a slider form mobile phone with features like music, camera, radio etc. Let us have a brief summary of the features of this mobile phone,
Nokia X3

Camera features
It has got a 3.2 Mega pixel camera with 4x digital zoom and ful focus that will help you in shooting clear pictures. This camera uses  CMOS type sensors. There are so many shoot modes like daylight, incandesecent, fluroscent etc. A dedicated capture key that makes clicking photos easy and handy. It also supports video shooting at 15 frames per second rate with digital zoom of up to 4x.
Display features
The Nokia X3 has a display size of 2.2. inch with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixles. This Nokia X3 screen uses the Active matrix technology used for its screen and has a color range up to 256k colors.
Music & Memory features
The Nokia X3 has a  Nokia Music player with dedicated music key with a 3.5mm ear phone connector that will help you choose your own ear phone. This mobile phone also has a FM radio with RDS support. This mobile has a in built stereo speakers.  The X3 has a internal memory of around 50 MB and has a hot swappable micro SD expandable memory slot that supports up to 16 GB.
Connectivity options available
The Nokia X3 has a bluetooth 2.1 support with stereo bluetooth support. A 3.5 mm AV connector, 2 mm charging connector. This mobile also has a high speed Micro USB 2.0 connector for PC connectivity.
Data network & Internet features
GPRS, EGDE, TCP/IP has been embedded in the new Nokia X3 mobile phone that helps you speedy browsing. XHTML browsing supported. Instant messaging (Windows Messenger ) is also supported in Nokia X3.
Other features
Nokia X3 uses BL-4CT 860 mAh Li-Ion standard battery. It has lot of personalization features like ringtones, profiles, themes, wallpapers etc. Nokia X3 comes in 2 colors Red/Black & Blue/Silver. Nokia X3 uses the s40 operating environment.
You will also get a 2GB memory card free with this phone. The Nokia X3 is priced around Rs.6500
But there is lot of complaints for this Mobile Phone the Main complaints are that the phone is too slow and the other one is with it's key pads.



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