Sharp IS01 Android 1.6 smartbook comes to US

Sharp IS01 smartbook is available for sale in the US starting from today. Born in Japan, IS01 Android smartbook has been with us for half a year now, but unfortunately, like any other smartbook in the market, hasn’t gained much recognition. Well, mobile OS-powered clamshells are only building their own niche, so I’d say Sharp IS01 is doing well and its appearance in the US is good news. Unfortunately, it cannot receive 3G signal here because its antenna meets Japanese requirements and therefore will not work anywhere else. And there are other drawbacks as well. One of the major ones is that IS01 runs Android 1.6 which, as we know, is at least not the best version to date. At $246 its price lies somewhat between netbooks and smartphones, while its equipment is almost exactly as good as Android 1.6 device average: 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 5-inch 960 × 480 touch sensitive display, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and to cameras: one at the front and one at the back.



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