Samsung Wave

Wave is the first Samsung phone with the new interface. But not the open OS beats the Wave waves. Instead, make the flood of innovative features and a new record in battery test that the super-flat surf Phone Samsung S8500 in the first place our best list is purged.
Samsung looks at the Wave in terms of display to a new super-AMOLED technology. Purpose is to show contrast and colors are still clear and beautiful, but consume less power and space. In fact, the display picture is beautiful plastic. Writings is the Samsung S8500 Wave is cracking sharp images seem almost like a full-HD TV. Briefly: in marked contrast to other mobile phone displays can be seen - even compared to "normal" AMOLED devices.
Samsung advertises its new display technology as particularly glare - to up to five times less sunlight is reflected. This statement, we can confirm only partially: In sunlight, the display of the test-Korean reflected as strong as for example by the iPhone. After all, he who sees the side of the phone, the display can be read even in sunlight. Mobile phones with standard screen are details on the screen no longer visible.
Sticking to the screen: his size measures 3.3 inches (43 x 72 millimeters). For our taste is a little too narrow, finger-friendly mobile phones offer many more loose 3.7 inches. Very good is our opinion in matters of Operation: The Capacitive touch screen responds promptly and accurately already easy finger input, provides icons are large enough - and the virtual QWERTY keyboard is of sufficient size.

Our test machine is running fast and stable, but the 1-GHz processor is responsible. Multitasking is for the wave is usually not a problem. Only in resource-hungry programs, such as the graphically intensive game "Asphalt 5", you should not run parallel to other, larger applications. What programs are currently active, incidentally, shows the Task Manager that you access via a long press of the central button.

To anticipate: the revolutionary operating system Bada not. It reminds us of a mixture of Android and Samsung's proprietary OS. Because of the Samsung OS still sets its user interface "TouchWiz 3.0. Well we like the many personalization options - such as the adjustable menu and the potential for up to ten home screens that you can assign apps and widgets almost free.
As with other mobile phones is the wave of social networking via the Web on the program. The "social hub" integrated contacts and matching e-mails, SMS and social network information in an application - to sync any new idea, but thoroughly practical and extended with a few features, such as the possibility, even Outlook data and Schedules In testing, the integration of Facebook and Twitter contacts worked together with the linking of existing phone numbers and fix smoothly.
Bada means ocean, and to evoke the almost infinite possibilities of an open operating system. The new Samsung apps can not speak of infinite elements: To test the time were just 79 apps ready. By the end of the year, the number be at least four digits. Samsung itself, it is clear that you are not competing with iTunes and the Android Market are. The company said they would rather pay attention to quality. The payment options are still limited: only by credit card, the purchase of pay-apps possible. On a statement of the cell phone bill is being worked.
WLAN and Bluetooth: Twice PremiereThe features list is a mile long: 5-megapixel camera, 2 GB of internal memory (expandable to 32 GB), positioning with A-GPS, WLAN with the latest n standard, and Bluetooth 3.0, and, and. How does this affect the practice? Megapixels are not everything that is shown by the camera. Despite "only" 5 megapixel pictures look more natural light-very sharp and colorful. When dual LED light, but you should not to be close to the object, otherwise the subject is overexposed. Test pictures in our photo gallery. When capturing video, amateur filmmakers get their money: The Wave takes movies with 1,280 x 720 pixels. This HD-ready resolution offers only a few other cell phones.
Wireless-n is a real novelty in the mobile phones. Clear transfer rates of up to 450 Mbit / s can not be achieved. However, the cell phone using wireless surf the net pretty fast, felt a bit faster than phones with WLAN b / g standard.Web pages are displayed as on the PC, via multi-touch to zoom in content. Also, Flash content displays the wave, but lacks some flash videos, such as the CHIP Online videos clear. no WLAN is available, it goes via HSDPA (3.6 Mbit / s) online. The dashing upload via HSUPA does not support the S8500 Wave. The Wave is the first mobile phone that supports Bluetooth 3.0.The wireless technology that relies on wireless promises to significantly more transmission speed. But for this you need a compatible device. So far there are few notebooks with Bluetooth 3.0 interface, such as Acer.
The MP3 player is equipped with all the usual bits and pieces and also offers eight presets, such as rock or concert, which alter the sound significantly. This is a good thing, because with bass-heavy songs, the sound is via the supplied in-ear earphone partly from too dull. The FM radio will show themselves in buildings receiving very strong and it is on the automatic station search quickly fill with transmitters.
As a navigation solution is the Wave of the Route 66 software is used, which we know from Omnia models.30 days, you can try the tool, then around 35 € per year are due - including maps (DA-CH). is room for photos, music and videos are delivered from only enough: The 2 GB of internal memory is about 1.5 GB free. With an optional memory card, you can expand the memory to a maximum of 32 GB.
For business users, the mobile phone is less. For traditional applications like Office Mobile and the voice control is missing the wave. After all, push mail via Exchange ActiveSync is possible. The mobile tracker service, which sends for the theft of mobile phones a predetermined number to a mobile phone SMS, has been extended. Now you can remotely delete sensitive data. The function Fake call other hand, simulates a call if you want to liberate unremarkable example of an unpleasant situation.
It runs and runs and runs ...A true record puts the phone in our test battery onto the dance floor: Rich 7.5 hours in length held by the mobile phone conversation at full transmit power. By comparison, the previous record was previously in six hours (LG GW620), build a good battery, to a maximum of four to five hours. If you use the facilities of the Wave full, you need to charge more naturally. Our test unit was approximately 13 hours after cell phone use slack. In that time we surfed very well and often and shot like 50 photos in various lighting conditions.
Our decision in terms of acoustics phone is mixed: On the mobile side voices were good and clear over on the fixed network side, but too quiet and a bit nasal. In the free mode, it behaved the other way around: good quality at the fixed network side, rattling sound on the phone Riger.
ConclusionSuper AMOLED, wireless-n and Bluetooth 3.0 - the Samsung Wave will equal three new technologies into the mobile world. Particularly positive is the slim wave rider on in terms of touch-screen convenience and pace. A big plus is also the extremely powerful camera and the battery physically strong. With these outstanding values, it creates the Wave to the top position of our cell phone rankings. From the Bada-new operating system we had expected but overall innovative - and we wanted more content in the App Store.



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