Samsung Champ

Samsung Champ

The Champ will have a cutdown version of Samsung`s TouchWiz interface. Thus, the handset will feature a 3 x 3 widget studded homescreen and will have options for positioning clock, calendar and shortcuts.
The 2.4 inch resistive handset has curved form factor, as you can see in the image.
It is Smallest Touch Screen Mobile In the History!
It is available in colours of deep black, espresso brown, sweet pink and chic white. The Champ comes with an option for Samsung apps. So, you can download a lots of interesting apps from Samsung Apps store.But the negative side of Samsung apps is that Most of Them are Not free Comparing to Nokia's OVI Store
Some other Champ`s features include Bluetooth, 1.3 MP camera, 8GB expandable memory support, 3.5 mm jack and video recording And with a good Battery.And It has an stylus.
Samsung Champ is a very Good and Affordable Phone For them who Are Lover of touchscreen Phones.
And it's again an Excellent Mobile Phone from Samsung Electronics.
Samsung CHAMP is Now Available in market for 3.5k.



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