Nokia X7: Top 5 Things We Want To See

The Nokia X7 looks like being the next Symbian ^3 handset, following in the footsteps of the Nokia N8, Nokia C6, Nokia C7 and Nokia E7. We think the Nokia X7 will be a gaming smartphone, but join us after the cut to see other features we’d like to see on the Nokia X7…
Nokia X7: Top 5 Things We Want To See
Lots of storage
Nokia’s X-series has always excelled when it comes to music use, and the Nokia X7 should continue this trend. Lots of integrated storage would be a good move, with a microSD slot offering an easy way of adding more music.

Just like the Nokia N8, we think the Nokia X7 will feature a dedicated graphics card. With loads of fantastic games already out for Symbian ^3, we have high hopes for the Nokia X7, and there should be even more excellent titles available by the time it’s released.

Quad speakers and stereo sound
We’ve heard rumours that the Nokia X7 will feature four speakers – and if it does it’ll be one of the best handsets ever for gaming and music playback.

ClearBlack Display
We hope that the Nokia X7 will feature Nokia’s new  ClearBlack Display (CBD) technology. Offering stunning vibrant and clear colours, we’ve already seen CBD on the Nokia C6 and the Nokia E7, and its inclusion on a gaming handset would be a welcome one.

A portrait QWERTY keypad
We’ve already heard rumours that Nokia is working on an onscreen update for Symbian ^3 and the Nokia N8, with a portrait QWERTY keypad added to the mix. This would make a great addition to the Nokia X7 as well, with the larger screen making it one of the easiest smartphones when it comes to typing.



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