Nokia Phone: How to Unlock Nokia Security Code

A lot of Nokia phone owners enable their phone security codes. Why? The answer is so simple, and it might be the easiest question to answer. The security code is a good way to protect your data and all private information on your phone to be looked up by anybody, even your friends. But, locking your phone would sometimes get you into difficulties, moreover, when you forgot the modified security codes you made.
However, you should worry about the security code since you can unlock it again provided that you use these easy ways.
First, enter “12345″ preset code when the phone asks you to enter the security code.
Second, select “menu” and go to “settings.”
Third, select security options and continue your step by choosing “code in use.”
Fourth, you have to choose whether it would be better to activate the security code or not. If you disable the security code, it means the phone is in an unlock condition, thus it will not require you to enter any code.



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