Nokia c7 review

Nokia C7 review – Nokia is all about creativity and style that suits the requirements of the local people. Nokia C7 can be regarded as just a reflection of Nokia N8 which has been polished and reframed. Nokia C7 is a global GSM phone which suits to the need to of the youths who want multiple facilities in a single device. There are several categories in respect of which the phone can be rated before one rates it on overall basis.

Nokia C7 Design and looks

Nokia C7 is one beautiful phone which has been given a sleek look and a mesmerizing finish. The phone can be said as a curvy and pebble-esque phone which has its call and call end buttons right below the big screen. There is a 3.5 inch AMOLED display screen which is very mush similar to the Nokia N8. The screen appears to be very shiny and scratch resistance which makes it ideal for the ladies.

Nokia C7 Performance

The phone is amazing in its performance as the phone has a 680Mhz ARM 11 processor which makes working on the phone superfast. The memory capacity of the phone is 8 GB as internal and it can further be enhanced to 32 GB with the help of external Micro SD card.

Nokia C7 Battery life

The battery life of the phone is also good. On the basis of talk time the phone has an average talktime of 9.6 hours whereas on the standby mode the phone can go on 18 days. The function of power save mode and deactivating such mode has also be featured which can aid you at the times of despair.

Nokia C7 Interface

Very much like the Nokia N8, Nokia C7 also shares the same operator in form of Symbian^3 which provides excellent service and quality in service along with support of various applications which helps in better use of the phone.

Nokia C7 Camera and Multimedia

The Nokia C7 has 8 MP camera which supports high quality of photo capture along with video recording. The camera has a capture capacity which can be activated in various modes such as scene mode which includes auto option along with other options such as user defined, close-up, portrait, landscape, sport, night, etc. Other attributes includes self timer, color tone, white balance, exposure, ISO, adjustable contrast and sharpness.
The phone captures video at 720P mode which is ideal for high quality video playback.

Nokia C7 Connectivity

Being the replica of Nokia N8, Nokia C7 also shares the same modes of connectivity in form of Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth which makes it an instant gadget to stay connected, along with it, implementation of web browsing facility, people will find it easier to stay connected on their social networking sites such as facebook, orkut and twitter.
Nokia C7 has been created with a view to attract the female section who loves gadgets. The design of the phone is itself an indication towards the intention of Nokia to create a middle-ranged price for the female section of the society. The phone is yet to hit the market and no doubt, when it hits, it will create a good market or itself. Rating would be 8 out of 10. 



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