Nintendo Wii is just for streaming

People playing games do it on an Xbox
Beancounters working for Nielsen have worked out that people spend more time playing games on their Xbox but Wii users spend a bigger portion of their time streaming video. New data on how consumers use their entertainment consoles have come up with some interesting statistics.
Xbox 360 users aged 13 years or older spend more time per week with their gaming system than PlayStation 3 or Wii users. Xbox users spend nearly five hours a week on the machine while only 4.1 hours for a PS3 and 1.4 hours on the Wii. The PlayStation 3 beats out the Xbox 360 in terms of watching movies from disks, and the Nintendo Wii beats both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in terms of how much time users spend watching streaming video.
According to Nielsen, some 69 percent of Wii owners say they use their consoles to play games. This compares with 62 percent of Xbox 360 owners and just 49 percent for PlayStation owners. However, more Xbox 360 users use online games, with 28 percent saying they play online, compared to 19 percent of PS3 owners and just 12 percent of Nintendo Wii owners.
PlayStation 3 owners are more likely to use their consoles to play movies from discs, with 27 percent saying they play DVD/Blu-ray movies on their PS3, compared to 11 percent who say they watch DVDs on their Xbox systems.
However, the Wii is the current leader in streaming online video, with 20 percent of time users report spending on their Wii console devoted to streaming online video, compared to 10 percent of users’ time with the Xbox 360 and 9 percent with the PlayStation 3.
All up though the figures are good news for Microsoft. Its machines sees the most use of any of them.



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