New Motorola QWERTY slider released - Motorola Hint QA30

Not so long ago we wrote about new unannounced yet smartphone from Nokia with QWERTY keyboard. Motorola tried to not fall behind its competitor, and officially announced its own QWERTY slider, named Motorola Hint QA30. After all rumors in the past several days, Motorola finally presented its new phone, which is made with text message lovers in mind. Taking in consideration, that Motorola rarely releases something new nowadays, it doubles the interest to its new product.

Phones with QWERTY keyboard have their own piece of market. Modern times developed new type of communication - via text messages and instant messaging applications. It is extremely uncomfortable to type a long message on usual phone keypad, and while many people can live with it, someone can't. This is the audience for QWERTY keyboard enabled phones, like this one. Motorola Hint QA30 is a CDMA cell phone that is a first Motorola slider with full QWERTY keyboard. It has a full set of modern multimedia functions, like QVGA 2.5" display, video and audio playback (list of supported formats include MIDI, MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC+ Enhanced, WMA v9 for audio and H.263, MPEG4, WMV v9 for video), microSDHC support up to 8 GB, Bluetooth Stereo, 2 megapixel camera with video recording, and 3.5 headphone jack for true music lovers. Internet functions are also present, and they are greatly done - fully featured HTML browser, integrated E-Mail and IM functions (which take full benefits from QWERTY keyboard - text input is greatly faster than on standard phone keypad). 128 MB of RAM gives great possibilities for multitasking; 256 MB of built-in memory leave plenty of space even if you forgot your card at home. Las, but not least - this model has aGPS support, so if carrier supports this function users will be able to track their position on the map.

Battery life is also quite impressive for a 940 mAh battery - up to 4.5 hours in talking mode and up to 15 days in standby. Phone is quite thick (because of sliding keyboard), but overall its size is not huge, so it will fit in almost every pocket: 82 x 61,6 x 17 mm, 120g weight. 

This interesting novelty from Motorola will be released in stores in November 28 in USA, no information about other countries yet. Unfortunately, this is not a smartphone, but is has an impressive set of features for a usual phone and it will be popular amongst young and active people, who like to send text messages and listen music.



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