Kinect far ahead of PS Move: passes 4 million mark!
Microsoft recently passed the 4 million units mark for their Kinect for good. If current sales trends continue, Microsoft will Surpass, hopefully, before the year is through. This shows how well the Microsoft used the Motion Sensing technology in their motion sensor and also the potential that the motion sensing technology holds. Future will be more interesting.
If  you are wondering that whether all these Kinects have been sold with X-Box 360s than answer is no as near-about 60% have been bought as standalone by existing X-Box users.  This shows that a large X-Box community is jumping on this bandwagon and buying a major chunks of Kinects. Kinect is far more ahead than Sony’s Move controller as Sony  managed to sell only 900,000 units till now.Good going Microsoft. Nintendo is also behind Kinect with nearly 2.5 million units sold in same time.
With that much units sold and the potential to garner more customers, it is a good indication for the hacks and developments for Kinect as the motion sensing technology has far more prospects and applications. Many games are utilizing the technology well and more titles will come in the months to follow. With rumors of application motion sensing technology in medical field, it holds a food future.



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