Keep Your Name in "Start"

I'm getting lots of mails regularly asking same question - How can I change Start button text in Windows?

Although I have mentioned it in following tutorial:
Download Resource Hacker and details for changing start button text here:
List of a few Locations in Windows XP to be Hacked Using Resource Hacker

But many times ppl miss this article. So today I decided to write a small separate tutorial about it:

Just follow these steps
1. Open "%windir%\Explorer.exe" file in Resource Hacker.

2. Go to:

"String Table -> 37 -> 1033 -> 578" (If you are using Luna theme)

"String Table -> 38 -> 1033 -> 595" (If you are using Windows Classic theme)

3. You'll get a string "start". Just change it with whatever text you want to show. Make sure you put quotes.

4. Compile the script and save the file. That's it. You have done.
Note: you have to save a copy of it before running Resource Hacker




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