How to Rename Recycle bin?

There is a simple trick for renaming your recycle bin. For this we we want to edit our computer registry entities. To edit registry go to command prompt (Start->Run) and type "regedit"(without quotes) and press enter. Then a new window is open "Registry Editor".

In that go to the path(just click the plus button or double click the folder) shown below


Last double click on the folder "{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}" and go to the right hand side. There shown a file named "(Default)". Double Click on that file, then a new window open named "Edit String" . In the "Value data" text box fill your recycle bin name(as your wish) and press OK. After that go to yourdesktop and refresh. Then you will see like below.

Tip: You can also set Recycle Bin name to default by clearing "Value data" in "Edit String" message box. Try this and reply.



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