How To Change Your Computer Name in Vista

My friend just bought a HP desktop pre-installed with Windows Vista operating system. He ask me if he can change his annoying computer name from “Owner2009″ and change it into a more descriptive and personalize like “slavezero” for example. I named my desktop “sLaVeZeRo” and  other units workstations.
Changing names in XP is very easy, but in Vista it is somehow difficult especially for beginners because it is buried behind a few more menus.
Here are the steps on how you can easily rename your Vista computer.
1. On your desktop, right click on Computer then select Properties.
advanced system settings
2. Click on the Advanced settings system.
3. Go to Computer name tab.
4. or you can easily type sysdm.cpl into the start menu search box. This will directly bring you to the system properties and computer name tab.
change computer name
5. Click on the Change… button to bring you to the Computer Name/Domain changes dialog.
computer name change
6. You can now change the name of your computer. You can also rename your workgroup to a something more descriptive.
7. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.



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