Google & T-Mobile announce G2

When Nexus One was dropped from supply support by Google earlier this year there was a certain sense that its successor will not take long to come. And it hasn’t. T-Mobile together with Google, of course, have announced today G2 smartphone for forth-coming preorder availability. An obvious rival for Galaxy S and Droid families which is not an apparent thing if you look at the T-Mobile G2’s specifications. It doesn’t even have a 1GHz processor to show off. And this in the times when we are in expectations for so much more. I am not trying to downgrade G2 ahead of its launch, I am getting to the point that all successful smartphones have an X-factor regardless of specs and this is where I expect T-Mobile G2 to shine. But I still encourage you to get acquainted with the G2 specifications what there is of them anyway.

T-Mobile G2 specifications:

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 @ 800MHz
Storage: 4GB + 8GB microSD, support up to 32GB
Display: 3.7-inch
Camera: 5Mpixel w/ LED flash, 720p HD video
Input method: QWERTY slider + Swype
Operating system: Android 2.2
Network: T-Mobile HSPA+, up to 14.4Mbps



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