Get Rid of Windows 7 Product Key!!

If we are using windows version operating system we all face a common problem with product id and this will prompt all the time asking for a product key. Recently many people are using windows 7 and the main problem with it is the product Id. A product id is a alphanumeric code which is calculated from the windows product key and the hardware configuration which you use. Have you ever imagined to remove the windows product ID so that it wont alter a pop up all the time when ever you are using the System.It is really possible to change the Product Id and change it to what ever we want. You can also change the product id to your name in the place of product id displaced by the operating system. See the above screenshot which alters for a product key.

The above screenshot shown windows 7 original Product ID and the below one shows hacked Product ID.

As you can Observe in the above screenshot that instead a windows product ID you can see my name. To do this simple hack follow the easy steps below.

1) Go to START and RUN and Enter the following command REGEDIT

2) Open the regedit and navigate to the following key path

HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version

3) Highlight on the current version and On the Right hand side you can see ProductID Listed under the heading name.

4) Double click on the Product Id a pop up box will come up and you can see the product id of windows some what like this 76125-623-557896-27654. Now change it to your desired name and click on OK

5) Done! Now you can see the Product Id of desired choice which will never again alter you for a key. This is applicable for all windows versions like windows 7, windows xp, windows vista.

6) Enjoy Hacking!



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