Early Adopters Report: How do you like your new Nexus S?

Early Adopters Report: How do you like your new Nexus S?

Every time a big Android device hits stores we like to poll all the early adopters that read this site and get their initial impressions of the gadget they just purchased. This past week the Nexus S landed at Best Buy and we know a lot of you ran out to pick up the first device to run Andriod 2.3.
Some of you already shared your launch stories, but now it’s time to tell us what you think about the phone after using it for several days. If you were one of the first who raced out to pick up the Samsung Nexus S, please sound off and let me know if you are happy with your new toy.
Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the 1 GHz Hummingbird processor? What is your favorite new feature in Android 2.3? Have you tried out Tango and made any video calls yet? How do you like the contour display? Does your GPS and WiFi work like you expected? What kind of 3G speeds are you seeing on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network? Do you mis the LED notifications and trackball from the Nexus One?
Please share your feedback so that other customers on the fence about diving in can make up their mind. Would you recommend the Samsung Nexus S to a friend?



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