Download Anti-Theft software For your Mobile Phone

Majority of us now use smartphones and we do store our personal as well as some confidential data in it. A lost or stolen phone can be really painful if the owner had any confidential data stored in it. All you need in such situation is a way to delete all those files so that no one can misuse the information on the phone.

Here the F-Secure anti  theft system comes in the picture. It is a free mobile software developed by one of the leading company in the field of digital security.

You can lock your phone,  find the current location of the phone and wipe out the data from it if needed. You can do all this on your phone just by sending a sms. If the sim on your cell is changed then the phone will be automatically locked and the new sim number will be sent to the number set by the real owner at the time of installation.
F-Secure anti theft software is completely free and can be used on Symbian, Windows and Android phones.

Download F-Secure Anti-Theft for mobile



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