Computer Games and Their Origin

Computer games began a couple of decades ago using a Cathod Ray Tube as the displayer. There were then a lot of innovations and modification over the next few decades that followed. With minimal access to the computer and the internet, not all those who longed for unblocked games on the computer were able to get hold of it. This was because computers that time were still quite costly and installation for speedy internet connection was still a privilege.
The first home video games started to evolve in the 70’s along with the rise of game consoles that can be connected to the television. In the 1980’s gaming industry grew in number and more and more publishers and makers of games were slowly coming out for the competition. It was just in the 90’s that the generation was able to accept and fully embrace the benefits of computer games. It was during this era that there is already the introduction of 3D graphics and more handy software packages like CD-ROMs and cards. The lowering cost of the processors and the expansion of computer powers made the existence of vivid animation and 3D graphics possible. In addition to that, adventure games were also made popular during this time so as the growth of action and real time strategy games. Super Game Boy also made hits in this era with Super Mario Bros as the leading salable game in both game consoles and computer games arena. In 2000’s, there were now the release of Play Station and Game Boy color. It was also in this generation that the three major developers of computer games namely Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sega competed with each other to grab the largest portion of gamers worldwide. With stiff competition came more improved and classier computer games, making the gaming industry more renowned worldwide.



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