Change Logon Background

You might have previously changed the Welcome screen image in Windows XP or Vista, and there are ways you can change the background in Windows 7, too. It’s not a complicated job, and you don’t even need any tweak utility for this.regedit windows 7 change logon screen image
To change the Welcome screen background in Windows 7, follow these few simple steps:
1. Open the Windows Registry Editor by entering regedit.exe in the Start menu.
2. Go to the following registry entry:
HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Authentication > LogonUI > Background.
3. Double-click on the DWORD value, named OEMBackground and change its value to 1. IfOEMBackground does not exist, then create it.
4. Open Start menu, enter %windir%\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds, Windows Explorer with the backgrounds folder will open. Copy the background image of your choice in this folder. Again, if the folder doesn’t exist, just create it.
Remember, the image size needs to be less than 256 Kb for it to work properly
5. Rename the image to backgroundDefault.jpg.
That’s it! You’ve just changed the Windows 7 Welcome screen background with this easy Windows 7 tweak. Now when the next time you will start Windows 7, you will see the new background image displaying.



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