Zroner OCes DDR3 RAM to more than 3Ghz!!!

Using Corsair’s Dominator GT GTX6 ultra-high performance DDR3 RAM, an extreme overclocker named Matthias ‘Mat’ Zronek from www.overclockers.alt managed to break record DDR3 speeds, setting frequencies of 3078.2MHz on CL8-11-8-31 (CAS 8), 1T, and 3059.4MHz on CL7-11-8-31 (CAS 7), 1T.
Zronek sure was pleased with their performance, saying: “I’ve worked with the Corsair Dominator GT memory for quite some time now, and can easily say that these are great memory modules, dedicated to world-record overclocking. What surprised me the most is the potential of the Domintator GT GTX6. Even at 3000MHz and higher frequencies, at CL7, there is still headroom for lots of optimization.”
Corsair accredits all this to their “innovative modular DHX+ technology”, which allows for a “Besi Memory-Freezer to be directly attached to the memory heat sinks”, that uses liquid nitrogen to enable benchmarking temperatures as low as -90 degrees C.



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