Samsung Galaxy Tab to Receive Gingerbread and Honeycomb Updates

It’s always a question with new Android devices; will it get updates? This was even more of a concern with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as it is the first commercially viable Android tablet device. The differences in the hardware had some potential buyers worried Samsung would fail to keep the device up to date. But at a Samsung event in India today, the electronics giant confirmed that the Tab will get both Gingerbread and Honeycomb updates, SamsungHub reports.
The upcoming Android Gingerbread (probably 2.3) is expected to be unveiled soon, and Honeycomb (3.0?) should drop sometime in 2011. This is certainly good news for those planning to pick up a Galaxy Tab. Samsung is running a modified version of the Android UI called TouchWiz. This UI needs to be integrated with any stock updates to the Android platform. This likely means updates will take a bit longer, but at least they will happen.
The Galaxy Tab is set to go on sale in most countries next week. All major US mobile carriers have confirmed they will carry it, with T-Mobile being the first out of the gate. Do you have your eye on the Galaxy Tab?



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