Nvidia GTX 570 detailed.

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SweClockers managed to get their hands on Palit’s product information sheet for the upcoming GTX 570. I already wrote about the number of shaders before and the only thing that I am missing now is the price.
The GTX 570 is based on Nvidia’s 40nm GF110 chip, has 480 CUDA Cores and works at 732MHz for the GPU, 1464MHz for Shaders and 3800MHz for 1280MB of GDDR5 memory paired up with a 320-bit memory interface. The card has a dual slot cooler and will have a 225W TDP, at least according to the spec sheet.
The launch date is set for December 7th, only a few days before AMD’s official launch of Cayman, at least if all goes according to plan. All we need now is the price tag and few benchmarks.



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