Nokia’s N8 has problems

The former maker of rubber wear, Nokia might be considering a return to its old roots after it admitted that its savour product, the N8 is full of flaws.
Nokia put a lot of hope in the N8, which it hoped will help re-take lost market share. However the N8 does not appear to be playing ball and simply switches itself off for no reason. Apparently once switched off, it stays off and refuses to power on at all.
Company spokesman Tapani Kaskinen insisted that only a small number of phones were involved, however he admitted he did not know how many.
Executive vice president Niklas Savander in which he said he was “concerned” about the flaw. We assume because there was so much riding on the phone’s success. He said that Nokia had dressed it down to “the way we assemble the engines.” We guess they use the same system that Rolls Royce did.
Nokia has taken “precautionary measures” across their product line to weed out the problem. The problem is covered by the phone’s warranty, and if the original handset can’t be fixed then the customer will be given a new one, Kaskinen said.
The N8 is the first handset to run the new Symbian 3 platform and it was released in October.



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