iPad 2 to be released in April

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured another hellish rumour that claims that a Apple is going to release a new iPad 2 in April.
The new iPad will make the existing iPad redundant by offering all the services that users wanted in the first place. Beancounter Brian Marshall of Gleacher told Digital Trends that Apple will stick to the same annual release pattern it uses for the iPhone and iPods.
He thinks that it is logical for the iPad 2 to appear in the shops in April following the launch of a CDMA iPhone in March. While Marshall is using an analysts’ tool of “guessing” it is based on the news that Jobs’ Mob has commissioned several companies to manufacture the iPad 2’s HDI (high density interconnect) boards in early February.
Sadly this is based on a Digitimes report which is a bit like flipping a coin. However the date makes sense. We have also seen a few price cuts from retailers on the original iPad, who want to clear their inventories in the Christmas blitz. The new iPad is rumoured to have the ability to run on various carriers, have two cameras located on either side of the pad and use a mini-USB.
All minor stuff which makes the iPad a little more useful and able to compete with Android tablets which are starting to appear. Of course, the iPad will not run Flash. That would be too useful.



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