Google to build fiber Networks in stanford!

Google has just announced the next step in their plans to build out super high-speed fiber internet in the US. The Big G will be building a fiber network capable of 1Gbps speeds for Stanford University’s Residential Subdivision. This is a group of about 850 faculty and staff owned home on the Stanford campus. Google will be starting the project in early 2011.
This is separate from Google’s Fiber for Communities initiative to gift super broadband to a few small to medium cities around the US. Google clarified that this Stanford rollout was a sort of “beta test” for the eventual fiber deployments elsewhere. We can’t say we’re surprised, seeing as Google loves their beta tests.
Google decided to go with Stanford because the school was willing to have their streets worked on to install the fiber, it had a manageable number of homes, and it’s just so darn close to Google HQ. We also wouldn’t be surprised if there were some Stanford Alums working at Google.



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