How to set auto shutdown for your computer?

    A cool tip to manage your computer shutdown process automatically. You can set your computer to shutting down at any convenient time (daily, weekly and when my computer starts) when you are not there.
    A simple shutdown command set your computer to close all running applications and shutdown properly after predefined time. This tip is very useful to save energy and time. After the execution of command, a small window will appear to count time of system shutdown. You can cancel this auto shutdown process using same command.
    Follow the given steps to schedule the shut down process:
  • Click on start button then go to Run option.
  • Type shutdown.exe -s -t yyyy then press ok button.
  • Here yyyy mean time in second, for example if you want your computer will shutdown automatically after 5 minute then the command will be shutdown -s -t 300.
  • But after execution you can cancel this command any time, simple type shutdown.exe -a in Run option and Press ok. Your auto shutdown command will remove and your computer will work properly.



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