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How To Use Windows Default Software To Take Screenshot

You might have gone through some situation where you needed to take the screenshot of what we have done.Consider an example.You are the representative of a company helping people to solve problems on computer working totally online.And just consider that you had a situation in which a sequence of actions is to be done.Your clent doesnot understand you by words and he asks for screenshot explanation.Then only you came to know that there is no software to take screenshot or video of the activities you have to do.So what to do?Your client is also waiting..But there is a solution “Problem Steps Recorder”.Which is a default function in windows 7(might be available in lower or upper versions)But the joke is that this facility is not really meant for taking screen shot but is meant for the purpose for remote assistance for troubleshooting purpose if you have any problem in your pc.It will automatically takes the snapshot of the activities.the main advantage is that the screenshots will be having the correct steps in wordsuch as “click left mouse button””click start” etc….so it can be send to any person who have only basic knowledge so that he can just read,see and understand the whole sequence.Also the file is saved as MHTML and as a ZIP file.So space is saved. Also a complete review of what is done will be also added at the end.(you need a browser to view this .mhtml file)
To use the “Problem Steps Recorder”
1)Go to “control panel”
2)Expand “all control panel items”
3)Click on “Troubleshooting” menu
4)Then “Get help from a friend” on the left side of the screen
5)At the bottom select “Problem Steps Recorder”
6)Then you can see a popup window having options for “start record”,”stop record” etc…..
7)When you stop record a popup window will open asking you to save that recorded piece of file
8)Save the file in any name anywhere
The recorded item will be saved as MHTML with a name starting with problem followed by a serial number inside a ZIP file.so totally the space is saved and you can have recording of as many actions as you want at a strectch.
You will also get brief description of every action you did above each image (including time,date etc)and a additional summary at last.