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If your PC is used by multiple users, you should make sure your sensitive data is secure. Steganos Privacy Suite 12 combines a password manager, tools for creating encrypted drives and emails, and a data shredding tool. Confidential fi les can be stored in password-protected folders (Data safes), which can be created using a simple wizard. These folders can contain up to 1 TB of data, which gets encrypted in real time (default: 256-bit AES) when moved. The safe can be accessed using the password or a key fi le stored on USB fl ash drive. A striking feature is the ability to access the safe using Bluetooth via an ActiveSyncenabled mobile phone. When the phone is out of range, the Data safe closes automatically. Confidential data can also be hidden within images and music (steganography). The new version includes a feature called Traceless Drive. It’s a RAM drive, which the user can create to hold data temporarily in the memory. If you shut down or restart Windows, the data on the Traceless Drive is deleted. This feature is useful for erasing Internet history or files created by portable applications without leaving traces. Existing data on the hard drive can be shredded using Steganos Shredder. The shredded data cannot be recovered using data recovery software. It also integrates itself into Firefox as a menu bar plug-in, and all the existing passwords are encrypted and stored in the Password Manager, which is capable of handling multiple user accounts. When the user accesses a website/webmail account, the autofi ll tool automatically adds the authentication details into the login fields. Steganos Privacy Suite is a good compilation of limited but useful tools to ward off prying eyes. It’s easy to use and does its job very well.
Click here to visit: http://www.steganos.com/us/products/data-security/privacy-suite/overview/