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Make your Firefox look Powerful & Geeky

Hello friends, as we all know Firefox is the most common and popular browser used by thousands of bloggers, not only bloggers just each and every person is using it, the compatibility, flexibility this browser has no other browser owns that. So today I’m gonna share some cool Firefox Themes the sorted and cool ones although not actually themes it’s add-ons.
2 Best Firefox Themes
1. SmallringFX DARKBlue
Consider it Firefox 5 ... ?
Consider it Firefox 5 ... ?
One of the best and coolest Firefox theme , this one is the must. This is the one which i am using right now, very extreme, simple & dark , the best for those who don’t like those ugly colours :D . So go now and get it here  .
2. MidnightFoxy
MidNight Surfer ... ?
MidNight Surfer ... ?
Just a cool theme , twisted with a blend of mac & with just awesome and cool interface, a dark one with midnight atmosphere :D go get it here .

Best Android Phone for 10-12k..

Yeah! Its festive season and people are buying new things. Gadget freaks are buying gadgets and mostly mobile phones according to a survey and that too mostly Androids. Android has taken Mobile Phone market by storm and now almost everyone knows something or other about the Android. And I have seen that many people(including me) are switching from Symbian or good old Java phone to Android Smartphone mostly in the budget range 10-15k. So I decided to make your choice easier by doing some sort of help.
Under 12k, there are many Android phones from almost every manufacturer. Samsung has its Galaxy Pop, Fit, and Pro while LG has its Optimus One and HTC with its Wildfire. Acer also has a pretty neat offering in the form of Liquid mini.
See, It all depends on requirements. If slim and sexy phone is ur  prefrence then Liquid mini or Fit is for you.  If u want basic android then Galaxy pop will suffice. If QWERTY is ur preference then Pro is for you. There are many possible requirements.
But if performance is your only and only requirement no matter how thin or thick  the phone is or any other aspect then this post for you.
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini (ST15i) is a beast :o
Yeah! Its hardware matches that of a 18-19k phone. Here are some of its highlights or as I would like to call it its 18-19k features:
- works on Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system
1 GHz Scorpion processor
- 3-inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels(192 ppi density) 
- a 5 megapixel camera with Flash which can record 720P HD videos
512 MB RAM
Adreno 205 GPU
Full Flash Support
All these features are not that BIG in Android world but they are certainly very BIG(or perhaps unheard) in this budget which is under 12k. According to me this phone is best in this budget for gaming and all hardware hungry tasks. SO this phone is for performance junkies on a low budget. The screen is super crisp. No other screen in this budget can beat this. I bet.
The only thing I found about the phone not in its favor is perhaps its screen size which is slightly small but that cant change my decision of giving it the best Android phone in 12k  budget. Also if u want to game on ur Droid every now n then this is ur only choice atleast for some decent experience cos the other phone in this range have low speced hardware and the worst thing is their crappy resolution which is must for gaming. For internet, most of under 12k droids don’t have full flash support but it has. A +1 for net experience.  And lastly, according to me, Timescape Interface of Sony is better than Samsung TouchWiz.