Get a constant overview of several time zones

When making a call to another country , you don’t want to inadvertently wake someone up in the middle of the night. But this can actually happen if you do not pay attention to the time difference.

Windows provides help in displaying several time zones. Click the clock to the right of the taskbar. A window with an analog clock and a calendar is displayed. Use the ‘Change Date and Time Settings’ or 'Adjust Time/Date'  link in this window. The ‘Date and Time’ dialog box opens. Activate the ‘Additional Clocks’ tab in it.

This tab can be opened via the control panel as well as via the ‘Time, Language and Region’ and ‘Add times for different time zones’. Alternatively, in the classic view of the Control Panel, double click ‘Date and Time’ and activate the ‘Additional Times’ tab. You can define up to two more time zones that Windows then displays near the analog clock with the local time. For this, there are two ‘Display this time’ fields in the ‘Additional Times' tab. Checkmark the heading to activate the field. You can then select ‘Select time zone’ and ‘Enter display name’ with the help of which you can later identify the time zone. The country name would be an ideal entry. Repeat these settings for the third time if required and confirm with ‘OK’. Now after clicking the taskbar clock, Windows will show both additional time zones. If you simply hover the cursor over the time, a small tooltip with the current date and the various times is displayed.



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