Save protected images from Flickr

Have you ever been on Flickr and you found an awesome image that you wanted to save but you couldn’t? Well Flickr has made an epic code so a “regular” person can’t save the image directly from the website. To be able to do this process you will need a bit of knowledge of HTML, but I will try to make it so you won’t have to. When you come across an image where you can’t save, all you have to do is look at the source code.
So,To save Protected images from Flickr,Go to flickr,First Go to your image which you want to be saved.,When you just right click on the image,you see different sizes.Select anyone from it.After Clicking that,you come to a new page showing your image and different sizes.

Select your preferred Size,or the same size and Right click on the image and click "Inspect Element";After clicking inspect element,The script will be shown on bottom of your browser;Move your cursor on every line of the script till you get the image highlighted,When you get it highlighted,click on that,You can see the image appeared in the same Column.

Now Right-Click on that image and select "Save Image As.." & You are done!



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