Although the gaming community is very large in India, branded and custom-built gaming PCs are a rare sight. It’s nice to see brands like Brag that specialize in custom-built gaming machines and home theater PCs. Brag is backed by Prime ABGB, a popular Mumbai-based PC hardware vendor. At present Brag has very few models to offer (see We got our hands on the RB11, which is powered by the Intel Core i7-950 CPU, Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 graphics card, and 6 GB of G. Skill Ripjaws DDR3 memory configured in triple-channel. 

That’s plenty of power to handle all the latest games as well as demanding applications. The rig is powered by the Corsair TX750W power supply and the hardware is fittted into the white NZXT Phantom cabinet. Brag has used the cable routing provision of the cabinet very well. All the power and SATA cables are neatly tied and routed from behind the right side panel. So there’s a lot of room for air circulation and the installation looks very tidy.

The storage is taken care of by a 1 TB Western Digital Caviar Green and the operating system (Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit) boots off a 40 GB OCZ Onyx SSD. The two optical drives round out the confi guration - a Blu-ray ROM drive and a DVD writer. The NZXT Phantom is equipped with a huge 200 mm fan on top, a pair of 120 mm intake fans on the side, and a 120 mm fan on the rear. The speed of the fans can be regulated via sliders on top. The cooling is excellent, but the downside is that the system will be prone to taking in a lot of dust.

The performance of the RB11 is excellent. The boot up and application loading is incredibly fast due to the SSD, and with the HD 6870, you can comfortably play games at 1920x1080 with very high settings and bumped up AA. Brag off ers 1 year on-site warranty, overclocked confi guration (provided you use a water cooler) and an option to configure the system with components of
your choice.



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