Video playback is common in phones and portable media players these days because of which video transcoding tools are gaining popularity. Transcoding videos to a compatible format allows playback, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible. In case of devices that support MPEG4 and DivX natively, transcoding high resolution videos to match the resolution of the device’s screen makes playback less taxing on the device. WinMPG Video Convert presents a simple user interface; we haven’t seen one simpler than this. The main screen is a tiny window with options to convert video in any format to AVI, 3GP, VCD or DVD format or from FLV to any other video format. On choosing any one, a dialog box pops up, in which you have to specify the video you wish to convert, and the profile to use for conversion. You can also add tasks to batch and then process them in one go. On clicking the Start button, it starts encoding the entire video. You can use the Advanced option to select a portion of the video and specify encoding parameters such as audio and video bit rate and resolution. The application has built-in profi les for iPod, iPhone and most Nokia and Sony phones. It is easy to use and does a decent job, but if you’re an advanced user, we suggest SUPER or Media Coder, which are free.



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