The price difference between branded and assembled PCs has largely eroded, and promises of qualified at-home service and phone support are making it extremely tempting to forget about buying individual parts for good. The fit and finish of a branded PC is almost always superior these days, mostly due to the poor availability of affordable high quality cabinets and the manufacturers’ constant efforts to differentiate their products’ exteriors. Mass production also allows the brands to off er better moulded plastics, goodies like built-in card readers, intelligent cable management, and qualified installation at home. You’ll save money on the OS and other included software, though some extra unnecessary programs are bound to be present.
However you are limited in other ways. Choices and customization options are often limited. Buyers are caught between paying way more than market rates for simple upgrades like extra RAM, and voiding their warranties by having it installed later. Choices are also often limited when it comes to the monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse. If you need higher quality sound and video or more comfortable peripherals, you’ll be out of luck.
Big brands offer high quality construction and
attractive finishes in various designs.

After analyzing product datasheets from nearly every major player in India, our very clear conclusion is that the best branded off erings are in the sub-Rs 35,000 category. This appears to be the sweet spot around which most models are concentrated, and also targets buyers who won’t want too many customizations to their PC configurations.

Going higher up the price range, we find more stylish“lifestyle”-branded PC models with increasingly powerful hardware, but the choices of components do not generally represent the best possible distribution of money to make them optimal for gaming. Here, in the middle and at the upper end of the price range, gamers and extremely discerning consumers are often better off seeking out local system integrators who can build something as a custom order, or simply buy the parts and assemble a desktop themselves. And as far as full-blown workstations go, the tide turns swiftly in favor of branded options again, considering the kind of component choices, construction quality and aftersales support the target audience for these machines would value.



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