Navigate faster and comfortably using jump lists.(Win 7)

The control panel in the current window is also quite confusing. A number of functions are available only by clicking multiple levels.Set shortcuts for the often used
objects of the control panel, for which you can create a jump list. These are commands of an application that show when you right-click on the symbol of the application in the task bar.
Navigate to ‘Start | Control Panel’.
As soon as this is opened, the operating system displays the corresponding symbol in the task bar. Right-click on this to open the context menu. Apart from a few entries under ‘Recent’ and a few standard commands, the menu currently does not serve any further objectives. You can, however, extend this menu to often used functions. Click on the link of the desired function and keep the mouse key pressed, drag the cursor to the control panel symbol in the task bar. As soon as the message ‘Pin to Control Panel’ appears, release the mouse key. Windows 7 links the functions permanently to the jump list of the application. They further appear here under the heading ‘Pinned’. Repeat this process for all the required functions. To delete a pinned function, click on the small pin in the jump list that appears when you move the cursor over the entry of the function.
NOTE:To avoid opening the control panel via the start menu, click in the jump list on ‘Pin this program to the taskbar’. The control panel symbol will now be visible in the taskbar even if the application is closed.



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