Is 3g life Affordable?

License process of 3G already completed....Now this is the time of launching 3G services. All technical process of launching services going very fast and probably from next year January almost all licensed companies will start 3G services.

BSNL already running with 3G services and TATA DOCOMO  recently started 3G services in some areas..

But question here is that these services will really be affordable for common mobile users???

video calls will cost 5 paise/second in DOCOMO, Data plans are high in both BSNL and DOCOMO
initially for enjoyment video call price can be afforded but not daily

Quite possible initially to attract customer services might be provided at affordable cost.... But the huge money is  paid by telecom companies  to get license... so it looks that 3G services will be unavailable for a common man for next 1 or 2 years

But because of strong competition among the different telecom companies it seems prices of 3G services will really goes down as in 2G services 

So we have to wait to enjoy full features of 3G services at affordable price....
Now waiting for another companies to launch their services and see what the final prices of services are......Lets see!



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