Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta Downloads Latest Version

yahoo messenger 10 betaYahoo Messenger 11 Beta are now you can get for free in the latest release version 11 beta, which intregrated with social networks like facebook and twitter. Yup, now that social networking time, and seemed to feel less than complete if we have not tried the latest messenger of Yahoo! this.
Looks like Yahoo Messenger 11 do not want to miss with any other messenger application such as Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger Final 11 are first integrated with social networking.
And now the newest Yahoo Messenger 11 allows you to play some popular games on social networks like facebook Fishville, Mafia Wars, DrawThing, etc..
Are you interested in trying out or up date your old Yahoo! messenger, Yahoo Messenger 11 immediately get the beta and be the first person to test and do not forget also to try the Yahoo Messenger for iPhone.



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