Windows 7 God Mode Hack

Windows 7 The New shiny product of Microsoft is just revealed and some windows guys have uncovered a new Hack in Windows 7 which the team at windows call is "GodMode"

The Hack is some kind of Glitch, What this does is bring you to an new settings page which got some good options in it to play with the windows.

Windows 7 GodMode Hack [Turtorial]

Obviously not the control panel settings, they contain some of the good one's in them like"Back up Your computer" and "Login Credentials" and stuff like that.

 The "GodMode" Contains a List of Over 50 sections consisting of setting for you which can be enabled by a simple rename.  But it might be a new promotion by the windows guys to promote their New windows 7...
Whatever, lets focus on the Trick that we are going to apply to enable the, so called "GodMode" in windows 7.
The Hack is very easy one, with a simple rename you can access it. So don't blame me if this is Lame.
  1. Create a new folder.
  2. Rename the folder to
    (note that you can change the “GodMode” text, but the following period and code number are essential).
  3. The folder icon will change — double click it to show the GodModewindow:

This might be good for you as you can now apply various setting to your Windows 7 at a single place. btw i don't use Windows 7 that much, i just Love the Window Xp. It might a new promotional way by the Microsoft guys. well who cares.
- Enjoy



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