What does url mean??

URL may be described in computing world as a Uniform resource Identifier which actually is used to specify about the location of an identified resource and also define the mechanism in order to retrieve information from that resource. Uniform ResourceLocator or you may say URL is actually described or considered in popular usage as well as in the documents of technical writing and several discussion discussions on Internet as URI’s synonym.
Most common usage or you may say function of URL or you may say Uniform Resource Locator is known as the identifier of any web page or simply the web page address is recognized today as the URL in the world of World Wide Web. Web address or a URL of any web page is normally written as
It was year 1994 when first time the Uniform Resource Locator or you may say URL was created and the creator of this type was Tim Berners-Lee along with the coordination of “Internet Engineering Task Force” which is recognized being a working group of URI. Syntax of file path used in Unix, is actually used being the URL format in World Wide Web as forward slashes in Unix operating system are actually utilized to separate or differentiate folders or you may directories as well as resource names and files.
File format in URL is normally ends with the usage of a dot suffix like file.php or file.html and file.txt in which .php files are sent directly to the pre-processor before retrieving back the result of that file to user’s monitor.



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