Sandy Bridge notebooks by MSI
MSI is all ready to launch its all new series of laptops equipped with the latest Core i7 Sandy bridge.
According to the information I got, MSI is working on atleast 3 new models with specs like 15.6″ full HD 1080p resolution working on a high-end 2630QM processor.
The processor is clocked at 2.2Ghz with 4 cores but there is headroom for more overclock. Its hyperthreaded means four cores support 8 threads. The L2 and L3 cache is 512KB and 6MB respectively. The i7 is equipped with an Intel HD integrated graphics but the notebook also comes with more powerful GTX460M with 1.5GB of  DDR5 memory and it also feature webcam which supports HD.  The processor has a TDP of mere 45W which is great for a quad core processor.
The notebook will be equipped with 4GB of DDR3 memory and also 2 500GB HDDs which makes a whooping 1TB. It also features a Blu-Ray Drive and a nine-cell battery.
The top end notebook, GT680R comes with Windows 7 Ultimate, Assassin’s Creed, gaming mouse, gaming bag and it will be available in black and black-gray colors.
Launch date is expected in January 2011.



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